Subway Art Printable: November

I love the look of subway art that you see all over the blogosphere and pinterest. The reason I’ve never purchased, downloaded or printed them is because they always have a white background. The problem with that, you ask? My house is decorated in tans and browns with hints of color here and there. So when you put a bright white piece of artwork anywhere in the room it sticks out…like a sore thumb!!!

And I figured, if I have this problem, maybe others do too. So I designed a printable that you can customize to fit your style and your room.  Of course you can change the background to white if that works in your room (sure saves on printer ink!)  🙂

I added in words that I think of when I think of November, but you can customize that as well! Don’t like football, but rugby is filling your November…make the change!  Everything is on its own layer so you can add and change to your heart’s content.  Clip your favorite papers to the words and the background, or print it out as is…the choice is yours!

Once I had the printable designed, I thought it might be fun to rearrange all the words and make it into a photo mat. I have to say I loved that even more than the printable! I put in an old photo of the kids playing in the leaves, I just taped it right on to the printout. But there are lots of options for how you could do it. I have a space designated for the photo, you could drop the photo in during your creation process and print it out right on the printable. You could also use the cutting lines provided to cut out a spot for your photo.

I created this one with a kit called Gather Together, a collab kit from Snips and Snails Designs and Aimee Harrison Design Studio available at One Story Down.

I would love to see what you create with this printable…show me your stuff! Link it up here because I’ve got a coupon for the first 5 people who comment in my blog with a link to their Snickels Corner Crafts creations!

Until next time…


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