Gift cards…love ’em or hate ’em?

I love them!  I love getting them and I love giving them. It’s probably just me, because I’m not very good at thinking up things to give people, but I love the idea of the kids’ teachers spending an hour browsing the book store with their gift card in hand! Again, maybe it’s because I love spending an afternoon picking up books and judging them by their covers, lol!

Well, whatever camp you fall in, today’s project is a gift card holder and a card all in one!

I made this lovely card with a beautiful bundle from Memory Clips by Ramona.

There are beautiful paint splatters, word tags and a huge collection of stitching that coordinate as well!

Here’s another one we did for a birthday party Aaron went to (not sure what happened to the picture of the front of the card??)

This weekend only, to celebrate Digital Scrapbook Day, I’m giving away the template for this card!  {link expired}

This card is so easy to put together, let me show you!

First, decorate your page and print it out. Then trim the edges. I like to use my metal-edge ruler and a craft knife to make straight cuts.

Then score your card along the two score lines. One is a “mountain fold” the other a “valley fold”.  The mountain fold should be folded so that when you are looking at the printed side folded it looks like a mountain 🙂 The valley folds, just the opposite.

I finally broke down and bought a bone folder/scoring tool and I wish I had done it sooner!

After I make my folds I like to use the flat side of my bone folder to make the creases nice and clean.

Then carefully cut the slot for the gift card. It should be a thin rectangle so that the gift card doesn’t cause any tearing at the edges.

The glue for this project is a little different, it’s all on the inside of the card.  I hope you can see where I placed the glue in this photo.

You are going to flip your printed card over so that the front of the card is at the top. On the middle panel run your glue or tape all the way around the edges. Then add a second line of glue/tape underneath the top line of glue.  You want the top of the gift card slot to be tacked down almost to the opening.  Below the slot should be open to have room for the gift card to slide into.  Fold the top (the mountain fold) down over the tape or glue and press to secure. Slide your gift card into the slot and sign your name…it’s that easy!

Until next time…


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  2. Jemima
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 23:14:33

    Thanks so much for your freebies & ideas


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