Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

I love looking at blogs and on pinterest at all the pretty tables that are set for the holidays. I always think that it would be so fun to have a fancy table with placecards and coordinating napkin rings and candles that work just perfectly with the whole thing! Unfortunately, my money tree isn’t bearing fruit these days, haha, so I don’t want to spend a fortune on all the fancy!

So this year I decided to make my own coordinating pieces. I have sets of place card templates, napkin ring templates and a set of templates to make some fun candle wrappers to dress up plain pillar candles.

These templates are so easy to use, and so easy to make them your own style! I chose a fun kit from Memory Clips by Ramona called Thanksgiving Blessings to set my table. Some years I like fancy and other years I like a little whimsy! Isn’t that little turkey in the preview so cute???

Bonnie used the place card templates with a Christmas theme.

And also used the template to make a little label for her upcoming football party! Don’t tell her I figured out she staged this photo!!!

The napkin rings are so fun and easy too!

This one is my favorite with the leaves that intertwine to make a 3-D leaf shape. But I also think the one with a space for a photo would be wonderful…a keepsake even, if you had several generations all together for a big meal.

I like to use a paper towel tube or tp tube to add some stability to my napkin rings. Simply cut the tube down to the correct size and run a line of adhesive on the back of the top layer.

Finally I have some candle wrappers that I found to be so fun to use.

I made a set to match my Thanksgiving tablewear.

I love the orange one with what looks like leaf cut-outs, of course with this digital template they are much easier than real cut-outs 🙂

I also made a set for Halloween using Poisons and Potions from  Memory Clips by Ramona.

For just a few more days all three of these template sets are bundled together for great savings!

I’m handing out coupons to the first 5 people who post their projects with Snickels Corner Crafts products…so link me up here on the blog!!!

Until next time…


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