Matchbook Mini Album

I am over-the-top in love with this little album!  I’m trying to figure out who else I can make one for because I just can’t get enough!  They are so simple to make and put together. One member of my CT completed hers in about 2 hours…from picking photos to closing the cover!

Here’s how to do it.  After you have added your photos and embellishments, reduce the opacity on the cut and score line layers.  On this particular template there are 3 of them, one for each panel and the cover.  I reduced my opacity by a lot…until I was at just 9%, however, it was difficult to see the score lines on the front cover, so I would recommend an opacity of 20% or so.

Print your design and cut out each of the panels and the pull tab.

Then, using a straight-edge and a bone folder, score along each of the score lines for each panel, including the cover.

When you fold each panel, make sure you are folding the dashed lines as mountain folds and the dotted lines as valley folds.

Once you have them folded, run your bone folder across each crease to make it crisp.

Next attach the two strips together using an adhesive of your choice. I used a tape runner, but glue stick or double sided tape would work as well.

Line the two strips up carefully and press well to secure.

Now your strip is ready to be added to the cover.  Fold the inside flap over twice so you have a nice creased edge on top.

Slide the bottom of the strip into the flap.

And staple near the bottom. There is a staple placement guide (if you didn’t set your opacity so low that you couldn’t see it…ask me how I know, hehe!)

Finally, staple (or glue) your pull tab to the top panel, fold it all up and close the cover, you’ve done it!

I just love it!  To make this with just 3 photo spots, just use the cover and the middle panel, not the one on the right. To make it with 5 photo spots, use the cover, the middle and just 2 of the photo spots on the right panel.

You need to have an odd number of photo spots (which of course you could leave with just elements or insert a cute quote), but it has to be odd or you won’t have a photo showing when you first open the cover!

I used a beautiful kit called “A Life Full of Riches” from Snips and Snails Designs. It is currently not available for sale, but I will update this post when it is.

You can find this template and all my designs at Brownie Scraps!


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