Another fun Gift idea!

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  I have to say that I am maybe half-way done with all the stuff on my list. Which is quite sad because I’ve been working on the list for about 3 weeks. Now I don’t claim to be a stellar mathematician, but even I can figure out that if I spent 3 weeks on the first half of the list, 10 days is not enough to get through the second half, lol!  Hopefully adrenalin will kick in and I will somehow get it all done!

But one gift that is done is a box that I made for my niece with some money in it.


Doesn’t it look like fun? She’ll start pulling and just have to keep pulling and pulling!!!  I used lots of $1s and $5s so the roll is huge!

You can make one as well, with my newest release at Brownie Scraps!

And here’s one with a kit from Snips and Snails called Retro Claus!

This one is so easy to put together, but here’s a little bit of a tutorial!  As usual, gather up your materials! Use a pair of scissors or straight-edge and x-acto knife to cut out the box and the little slit for the money to slide through.



Score your fold lines with a bone folder and smooth your lines with the edge of the bone folder.



Add adhesive to the glue flap on the right edge.  Fold the box, line up the edges and press to adhere.


Here’s the one tricky part.  To finish the bottom, put adhesive on the tab as shown in the photo.


Then fold the U-shaped flap in first, then the two side flaps. Finally slide the glued flap underneath the U-shaped part. From the top, reach in and smooth the bottom and press to adhere.





And there you have it! A dispenser box!  You can put anything rolled up in there. I was thinking that a list of jokes would be fun to put in a child’s stocking.

And did you see the little UPC code I put on the back of the box?  Those are still free on my blog!

I hope you saw my blog post earlier this week on all the fun Last-minute Homemade Gifts you can make using templates from Snickels Corner Crafts!

Until next time…


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