The end is near…

I am in complete denial! I do not even want to think that this year is just about over!! But believing it or not, the year is coming to a close and I’ve got two fun releases this week to head us into the new year. First is the January edition of my Subway Art series.

Subway Art: January

This template set comes in a full 8×10 or as an 8×10 photo mat, with a pre-designed space for a 4×6 photo. But of course, its a template, so you can customize to fit your needs!  Do you want to add in your own words? Delete a few that I’ve included? GO AHEAD!!!  It’s a template so you can do whatever suits your fancy! Do you want to shrink it down and add some background papers and embellishments?  Be my guest…that’s what templates are for!  They give you a great place to start…where you finish is up to you!!

Here’s a look at what Brownie Supreme Angi did with the template…don’t you just love all the sparkles?

We have a family tradition of sitting down on New Year’s Eve and reviewing our year, writing down accomplishments and highlights and making plans and setting goals for the next year. This year I have several goals that I really want to see happen. So I have designed a whole campaign for myself, lol!  My desktop, screensaver and this album are all going to be reminders of the plans I have for myself this year. I’m calling this mini my “Resolve 2013” album. I’m hoping to jot down ideas and make plans for how I’m going to accomplish my goals.  But you can use this mini album for anything you want! I think it would make a great album to share some vacation memories, holiday traditions, or to give to friends who came to a special birthday party.
Folded Mini Album

This prints on one sheet of paper and you cut and fold it to make a 6-page mini!!! The download includes a blank slate as well as this “decorated” template to give you some ideas of how you could embellish it. I’ve also included for each style an edge-to-edge printed template and one for those of us with printers that give us margins!

Here’s a little look at my inside pages.


And here is an album that Brownie Supreme Christina made…


Here are a couple of tips for getting this album to fold up right.

Fold your paper in half (the short way) and cut the solid line from the center of the paper to the first fold.


After you’ve cut and scored your paper it should look like this!


Then take the right and left sides and squeeze it all together so that you get an X, like this.


Find your front cover and crease your folds so that the album lines up nicely.  Finally, open your album up and flip it over.  Place glue on your album as shown in the glue guide. Re-fold your album and press to stick!

folded mini album_glue guide

That’s it! It looks complicated, but it’s not!


Make sure to stop back in on the first…I’m participating in the DST blog train and I have a really fun freebie for you!

Don’t forget, I always love seeing your projects with my products. Upload them to my gallery at Brownie Scraps for your chance at a RAK!

Until next time…


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