Call Me Maybe…

Do you carry your business cards or mommy cards in your purse only to pull one out to give to a new friend and realize the card looks a little dog-eared? Well, you can make this little box to carry your cards in and put an end to dog-eared cards!

gift card 2

Of course, you can see that it was originally intended to be a gift card box…but isn’t that the best thing about templates!!! You can use them for whatever your heart desires!  I made gift card holders for my Mom and Dad’s gifts this year for Christmas as you can see in the preview and here’s my business card holder.

I was thinking that I might like to make one for all of the “store loyalty cards” I have. I have two or three in every slot in my wallet and it might be nice to put them all in a little box instead.

Here are a couple more examples from my CT:

What would you put in a little box like this?

Have you gotten the Shape Stacker Freebies on my Facebook page and in the newsletter I send out weekly?

I also did a little scrapping this week, but that will be for another post later on 🙂

So until next time…


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