A departure…

Today’s releases are a departure from my normal releases.  They are all add-on packs to my March workshop A Peek At Our Week.

I’m so excited for the workshop, I have a few fabulous girls signed up and we are going to create an album that will be a treasure for their families today and for generations to come!  I wish I had more than just a few photos of my parents as kids. I wish I could see what their school looked like, what a typical day looked like, what my grandparents looked like as they sat around the dinner table as a family. That is what a Peek At Our Week is all about. It’s about capturing the typical, normal, mundane things that we take for granted today, but in 20, 50, 100 years our families will long to know.

I remember when my daughter figured out what that funny little box at the end of my parents’ driveway was…a mailbox! She had only known our big industrial-sized mailbox down the street and around the corner. She thought it was so cool just to walk down the driveway and get the mail 🙂  I wonder what her children will say some day about my industrial-sized mailbox, they may not even know what “snail mail” is in 15 years!!  So I want to make sure that I capture that ordinary, mundane, typical experience of 2013.  And this workshop is the way to do it!!

It’s not too late to jump in and join us in creating your own treasured keepsake.

And now to the new add-ons! These are designed to help you put your week’s worth of photos into an album so quickly and easily.

Here is a layout that Brownie Supreme Sheila did using one of the quotes. So even if you aren’t doing A Peek At Our Week, you can use any of these packs on your regular layouts.

I still have my referral program going for the workshop. You can earn up to 5 of these add-on packs** simply by signing up for the workshop and referring up to 5 friends to join you on the adventure!

Here’s a look at a page from last year’s week in the life project.  And hop on over to my facebook page where I’ve uploaded several more.

So until next time…
**to receive your free add-on packs for referrals, you must be a registered participant in the workshop first and the friend(s) you refer must put your name, or forum username, in the comments field when they purchase their workshop.


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