Scrapbook Classes

Welcome to Scrapbooking Class!  If this is your first digital scrapbooking class please read the list below for things you will need before you get to class!  If you do not have a laptop to bring to class, that’s fine, you can follow along with a friend.

Software Program

You will need to have a digital editing program to create your layouts.  The most popular programs are Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro.  There are two free programs that I know of, but I don’t know the software well enough to be of tremendous help in designing a layout with them: the Gimp and pixlr. Photoshop/Elements and PaintShop Pro (PSP) offer free 30-day trials on their website. You can often purchase these programs for $50-60.

Scrapbook Kits

You will need to have at least one scrapbook kit downloaded onto your computer. You can find free kits to download from Shabby PrincessScrapStreet K-Jo Scraps. There are many more free kits to be found, if you look for them, but these are sites that always have at least one or two kits for free all the time. Most kits come “zipped”. Click here to get directions on downloading and unzipping them.


Obviously, you will need to have pictures on the computer you are using for digital scrapbooking 🙂


If you are running on a laptop, I would highly recommend a mouse!  It is difficult (not impossible, though) to move, click, drag, etc quickly and efficiently with the built-in touch pad on most laptops.

That’s it! Those 4 things are all you need to begin your digital scrapbooking hobby. Please contact me before class if you are having any problems getting software or kits downloaded.  I would be happy to help!


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